MakeSafe International Operation: Empowered Saviors.

If I were to mention foreign aid what would be the first image that comes to mind? Probably starving children being fed (perhaps even literally), possibly an airdrop of medical supplies or billions of dollars being thrown at African governments by Western countries?

Ironically, foreign aid to Africa tends to do more harm than good. Money given to African governments often ends up fueling corruption. Large amounts of donated goods can put African manufacturers that make those goods out of business, destroying jobs and further damaging the economy.

[1]. Regardless of how ambitious and large they are, medicine and food drops are not sustainable and create aid dependency issues. With that said, this post is not an analysis on the effectiveness of current foreign aid. The overall purpose of this post is to introduce an aid plan that will actually work and have a positive, wide spread and long term impact on the continent of Africa. Three key traits of a successful aid campaign include improvements on infrastructure, the healthcare system and education [2]. Operation: Empowered Saviors will cover all three traits.

Operation: Empowered Saviors is nothing short of a movement. The primary objective of this movement is to establish basic and sustainable community paramedicine systems within rural villages throughout Africa. We will be working with the local people of Africa, not just working for them. The MakeSafe team will be providing local medical providers the tools and the training required to stabilize patients as well as treat injuries and sickness that are most commonly found in these areas. The training provided will be tailored specifically to the needs of each village to maximize efficiency and will be designed around the use of resources available to the providers. Secondary to this, our operations team will be trained and equipped to provide basic life support and the ability to transport critical patients in need of immediate medical care within our area of operations. We will be working alongside the Tanzania Rural Health Movement and Trek Medics International to make this happen 

So is this plan something we can actually turn into a reality? The short answer is yes, and here is why. This is where I put my money where my mouth is. I will make this happen, and I will make it happen in less than a year. I have a steady stream of income that I can use to sustain our initial operations in Africa. On top of that, I am also willing to take out a personal loan to ensure this mission gets off the ground if the need arises. The rest of my team is equally ready to make the sacrifices required to see this movement succeed. While we can make this work initially by digging out of our own pockets, we need more than one team to expand our reach. If we work together, spread the word and raise the money we will save countless lives. So share our story with your friends, check out some of the gear in our web store, drop a dollar or two in our donation box and help us create a legacy that will last far beyond our lifetimes!

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