The word "casualties" in its most general sense includes the injured as well as the dead. Accounts of the number of coalition wounded vary widely, partly because it is not obvious what should be counted: should only those injuries serious enough to put a soldier out of commission be included? Do illnesses or injuries caused by accidents count, or should the focus be restricted to wounds caused by hostile engagement? We, at MakeSafe  International believe that all injuries and deaths coming from a hostile environment are casualties and should be accounted for and furthermore, all casualties should be addresses with first aid care and prevention.

Chris applying a R.A.T.S Tourniquet

Injury, illness and death are unfortunately a daily occurrence. The risks are far greater in areas affected by war and poverty. Usually resources are limited, despite a much greater need. There can never be enough medical personnel working in service of these areas.

With our specialized training in emergency medicine we can help build efficient systems designed to effectively combat these risks.

MakeSafe is committed solely to saving lives and there is no better way to do that than providing lifesaving training to those who are in a position to provide continuous direct patient care to members of their community.

A landmine partly buried in sand

Developing countries are often plagued by hidden explosive threats, from mines to Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). Many techniques exist for the making safe of a bomb or munition. Selection of a technique depends on several variables. The greatest variable is the proximity of the munition or device to people or critical facilities. 

When detonated these explosives kill and maim combatants and innocents alike. Our EOD/UXO team is trained and prepared to handle these threats with our Explosive Ordnance Disposal training, before they are able to fulfill their deadly purpose.



  • Combat Lifesaver Courses
  • CPR / AED and Basic First Aid


  • Casualty Extraction
  • Prehospital Emergency Care



  • Counter IED Training
  • IED Awareness Training
  • Explosive Ordnance / Unexploded Ordnance Advisory


  • Unexploded Ordnance Disposal
  • Counter IED Operations
  • IED Production Trend Intelligence Gathering

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