Chris instructing Mwanza firefighters on proper patient assessment techniques.

Simply providing direct patient care to a population is little more than an unsustainable "Band-Aid" solution. In order to implement a functional EMS system, you must train local providers.

The training provided must be effective, ongoing and relevant to the area of operations that the trainees will be working in. In emergency medicine, insufficient or improper training can lead to preventable deaths. A first responder attempting an intervention they are not trained to perform can significantly harm or even kill a patient.

MakeSafe team members work on the ground in every area we train first responders and tailor our courses accordingly. We ensure that each provider gets the training they need to provide the best possible treatment to their patients.

MakeSafe International has provided and will continue to provide training and support to firefighters, community first responders and team members of local non-governmental organizations within Tanzania, Africa. 


MakeSafe President, Chris, standing with the Mwanza Community First Responders alongside Ambulance No. 7

Injury, illness and death are unfortunately a daily occurrence throughout the world, but risks are far greater in developing countries. More motor vehicle collisions occur in countries with less developed road infrastructure, workplaces often provide employees with less safety equipment, less treatment is available for chronic health conditions and resources are limited, despite a much greater need for life saving services.

Traditional Emergency Medical Systems are often too expensive to implement in developing countries, but traditional EMS systems are not the only option available. A low cost and effective basic life support system can be achieved almost anywhere using the innovative Beacon 2.0 dispatch system developed by Trek Medics International, training community first responders, stocking basic medical supplies and teaching local firefighters to manage the EMS system. 

All that is required is a vehicle to transport patients and an internet connection at the dispatch center.

Once the call is placed, the Beacon system triangulates the position of the call and dispatches the nearest responder. Upon receipt of the dispatch, the first responder stabilizes the patient and prepares them for transport. When the transport arrives, the patient is taken to the nearest appropriate treatment facility.

Emergency care does not have to cost millions of dollars, it just has to work. 



  • First Responder
  • CPR / AED
  • First Aid
  • Improvised Medicine


  • Event Medical Support
  • Ambulance Transport
  • Community First Responder Services


  • Dispatch System Implementation
  • EMS System Management
  • IED Production Trend Intelligence Gathering

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