MakeSafe Co-Founders Chris Buege (Left) and Kyle Osgood (Right) pictured in front of a Lenco Bearcat armored ambulance.


MakeSafe International was co founded in March of 2015 by a Service-Disabled United States Marine Corps Veteran and an Air Force Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician. Unable to accomplish the goals we had hoped to achieve in the military, we decided to set out and carve our own path. After many years spent hearing stories of children being killed or maimed by unexploded ordnance in Africa and reading reports of areas in dire need of improved emergency medical services systems, we realized we were finally in a position that would allow us to do something about it.

We began planning a mission to provide medical and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) services to good people and governments around the world who would otherwise have difficulty affording such services from existing companies. Soon expenses for equipment, training, travel and medical supplies began stacking up. When faced with these facts, we quickly realized that we could make little difference and would be placing unnecessary risk upon ourselves if we attempted this mission without support. Finally, after countless hours of planning and research, we decided that our best possible course of action was to start a non profit. 

Our members began training heavily in their respective fields. Kyle continued his world class training in Explosive Ordnance Disposal while Chris began training heavily in the field of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Chris received his TCCC and High Threat Protection Specialist certifications from MiraCosta College after Secfor International's gruelling 35 day HTPS training pipeline. This is where Chris met our Operations Manager, Edgardo, a fellow HTPS graduate. Chris went on to complete EMT training at the College of Southern Nevada. 

In 2016 we established contact with two other nonprofits, Trek Medics International and the Tanzania Rural Health Movement. Together we began planning to take operations to Tanzania, Africa. Our mission is to assist rural villages in the establishment of EMS systems using the Beacon 2.0 dispatch system created by Trek Medics International. We will be relocating MakeSafe Headquarters to Tanzania in June of 2017 and continuing to other parts of Africa from there. 

MakeSafe International is committed to clearing explosive hazards, treating victims, and providing peace of mind to inhabitants of hostile environments around the globe.


To not only create a world free of Unexploded Ordnance and provide much needed lifesaving treatment in places few would be willing to tread; but also to give the education and training necessary to sustain the quality of life we seek to deliver.

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We are a non-profit organization committed to clearing explosive hazards, treating victims, and providing peace of mind to inhabitants of hostile environments around the globe.

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